Machinery and equipment for the fermentation of drink bases

Today, our technology defines the state of technology for submersed, aerobic vinegar fermentation. In the Asian region, many of our machines are used to produce vinegar drinks, which are very popular and available in many different varieties on the market. These drinks are less to the taste of the Western cultural sphere, even if these fermentation products were manufactured in ancient Europe and the Middle East for centuries.

As well as the systems, procedures and starter cultures we provide to our customers for vinegar fermentation, we also have special systems and technology for the manufacturing of gluconic acid-containing fermentation or fermentation with other organic acids and flavour components. In this respect, acetic acid bacteria frequently come into use as well, but not acetobacter or gluconoacetobacter. Instead, gluconobacter are used which are cultivated on sugar (glucose, maltose, ...) media. As well as sugar standard mashes or flavourings, high-quality juices can be converted into tasty drink bases. In Europe, a very interesting sales market is currently developing for carbonised natural soft drinks/bio soft drinks, which meet the western consumer taste and the trend for natural products.    


                             Flow diagram for the manufacture of fermented drinks

Of course, our sterile PROREACT fermentation systems are not only suited for the aerobic procedures with acetic acid bacteria and yeasts in drinks technology. In addition, anaerobic fermentation for the manufacturing of other drinks bases, for example for the fermentation of lactic acid using Lactobacillus spec., can be carried out in the systems. The same applies for microfiltration systems, with which the bacteria is separated after fermentation and the interim products are filtrated “brilliantly”.

Our laboratory and biotechnology centre is well equipped for the fermentation of acetic acid, lactic acid, ethanol and gluconic acid and the personnel here have extensive knowledge. You can also have us manufacture samples before investing in your own system.


Depending on the process and the hygienic requirements, different fermentation and downstream machinery from FRINGS is used for the fermentation of drink bases. For the basic technology of project-related system design applies: