Process optimisation

Many industrial processes have huge optimisation potential to increase productivity, improve quality or save raw materials and energy. And often this potential can be exploited without making large-scale investments! We would be happy to carry out an on-site analysis to check your process plants, processes, control systems, raw materials and many other aspects for weak points and recommend suitable remedies. Sometimes a few changes to processes and plant equipment will suffice to bring about great improvement. If there is no recognisable potential for optimisation or if there are too many causes to be considered, it is still possible to simulate these processes in our laboratory and investigate them in laboratory-scale experiments. We can combine these experiments with our computer-based process simulators to keep the testing costs as low as possible.

Do not hesitate to enquire about training for your staff on safe and efficient process operation and personal responsibility for process optimisation. Remember: even in the case of a flawless, high-quality production plant, the key to long-term optimisation of processes lies in the hands of the operating and maintenance staff.

Potentials of the process optimisation:

- Increase of productivity

- Quality improvement

- Energy optimisation

- Waste water reduction

- Raw material savings

- Improvement of operating hygiene

- Application of “value added-products”

- Increase of the degree of automation