Research and development

Originally founded as a production plant by Heinrich Frings, after whom the company is named, FRINGS quickly transformed into a technology and mechanical engineering enterprise under second-generation management. The son of the company's founder did not want to settle for the status quo and, remaining alert and having a sense for efficient processes, drove forward the progress of technology and plant developments. In this way, the name FRINGS soon became known beyond the sphere created by his father.    

Today, 3 generations later, we still aspire to greater things when it comes to research and development. We stand out not just because of our machine and plant construction but also because of our understanding of processes. It is telling that in the field of research and development FRINGS does not only run tests but also has its own testing facility and fermentation laboratory where our qualified process specialists come up with solutions for your future requirements.


               Bio testig facility                                 Laboratory

Our success is based on a combination of process engineering expertise and individual products. We seek to create added value that increases our customers’ success with a lasting effect, not only today, but also in the future. 





Rheology and flow tests
Fluid dynamics
Microbiological analysis and raw material analysis