In SINGLE BASIN AND SBR-PLANTS, biological cleaning of the wastewater is carried out using micro-organisms (bacteria). This is a process as it drains into every lagoon, lake or river. The only difference is the micro-organisms are concentrated in their millions in the aeration plants. To preserve and increase the viability and activity of the micro-organisms, the necessary oxygen levels are artificially supplied. With PROREACT T - environmental systems, this takes place using the FRINGS IMMERSIBLE AERATOR. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly circulate the waste water so that the arisen biomass does not become deposited on the bottom of the aeration basin and die off as a result of lack of oxygen. This requirement is also guaranteed by the FRINGS IMMERSIBLE AERATOR.  Depending on the requirements of the discharge quality and relevant design of the systems, decomposition rates of up to 99% are possible.