Systems and equipment for various sectors of the food industry

In most branches of the food industry, countless special pieces of equipment and procedures were in the past developed for the relevant processes. These systems, which are adapted to the tasks at hand, generally perform their work without difficulty.

But when it comes to processing special requests or developing new procedures, problems can crop up, which fortunately can be solved with our technologies/equipment. If you have such requests and think our technologies would be suitable for you, just get in touch with us. On request by the customer, we also develop and manufacture procedural systems and machines for special situations.

Examples of profitable applications include:

PROREACT - Fermentations systems: 

  - Manufacture of starter cultures, "Clean-Label"-fermentations, acid fermentations...

FRIBORATOR - gassing systems 

  - Fat modification, plant extract oxidation, stripping processes, ...

FOAMEX - Liquid/gas separation/foam centrifugation:

  - Flavouring recovery, stripping processes, aerosol separation, ...

CLEARFLOW - Solid/liquid separation/membrane processes:

  - Sterile filtrations, milk fractionations, "brillinat"-filtration

SPECIAL SYSTEMS - for special applications:

  - Decarbonisation, special mixing systems, washers, ...




To allow us to initially estimate the technical feasibility of your request, please fill in some reference values in our contact form and send it to us.