Technique and technology

With the PROREACT bioreactors, CLEARFLOW membrane systems and other machinery and equipment, FRINGS offers sophisticated technology for the key biotechnology industry.
In addition, FRINGS has expanded technical concepts for defined biological and procedural requirements. The majority of these are tested and continually improved in our own biotechnical centre, in which we carry out fermentation on a daily basis.
The use of this technology and knowledge then leads to very efficient machinery and equipment tailored to the relevant demands for your customer projects.

For example, this special technology includes:

  • Technology for seed trains and inoculation strategies
  • Technology for multi-purpose and mono-product systems
  • High cell density fermentation
  • Fermentation processes without anti-foaming agents
  • Fermentation technology for extremophile micro-organisms
  • Technology for fed batch and repeated fed batch fermentation
  • Increase in process efficiency / retrofits of existing machinery
  • Systems and control technology for pichia pastoris procedures
  • Integrated bioprocess systems (e.g. hybrid of bioreactor and membrane system)
  • Scale-up of bioreactors from the laboratory to production

Beyond this rather procedural knowledge, we also work intensively with various micro-organisms in a practical and theoretical manner. In particular, we work on a day-to-day basis in our own laboratory with yeasts and acetic acid bacteria, which are used in various ways in biotechnology as a microbial catalyst.

In our laboratory and pilot fermenters, be it in our own biotechnology centre or in rental equipment, we have also cultivated various micro-organisms for bioplastic production and for the production of amino acids and vitamins. From this horizon of experience, w have a profound knowledge of biological procedures and biotechnology and can work far better with you as our customer than if we could only delivery “technology made of steel and control units”.

Image: Bio process technology
Image: Systems engineering
Image: Fermentation media
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