Technology and Processes

The diagram below depicts the production chain from the raw materials to the high quality vinegar. The production steps for fruit vinegar and alcohol vinegar production are largely parallel. With fruit vinegar production however, the second step, the distillation, is omitted. Alcohol vinegar production is also completed without the fining and storage steps in order to improve its shelf life and flavour. The key production systems for all of the processes are available from FRINGS. We will be pleased to put you in touch with professional suppliers for all of the remaining components such as storage tanks, filling etc.

Image: flow chart for vinegar production

FRINGS has developed and perfected differing highly efficient processes for vinegar fermentation, which require the minimum of interventions by the operating personnel. This means we can offer you the suitable process for every case of use required and also supply the suitable equipment depending on the automation requirement.
We will be pleased to provide you with the process know-how that we have gained over many years to be able to realise specialist processes for special products or particular operational requirements.