Our core technologies for the food industry are fermentation procedures, separating processes and upstream and downstream processes. However, a series of procedures, machinery or units derived from these processes is also suitable for various other processes in various segments of the food industry.

Fermentation technologies:

  • Vinegar production technology
  • Fermentation of drink bases technology
  • Machinery, equipment and process technology for yeast production
  • General machinery and equipment technology for the fermentative manufacturing of foodstuffs and food additives

Process and finishing technology for liquid foodstuffs:

  • Membrane filtration for sterile filtration or separation of solids
  • Technology for gas/liquid separation using centrifuge apparatus and foam prevention in process plants
  • Gas/liquid reactors for introducing gas into liquids

A series of procedures can be seen in our technical centre under sterile conditions. Furthermore, laboratory-scale and pilot rental equipment is available for use in process or product development in your laboratory or technical centre or even for bypass operation in your production plants. We have efficient computation programmes for kinetic, fluidic and thermal aspects. For us, special problems are the rule and spur us on to find the best technology for your production plant.