Environmental Technology

FRINGS developed the IMMERSIBLE AERATOR for aerobic wastewater treatment and has established itself globally on the market in the field of environmental technology since the market introduction in 1970 and with more than 12,000 immersible aerators sold since then. Through continual optimisation of our submerged aerators and the development of new procedures, FRINGS provides cost-effective and efficient aeration systems and ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS for industrial wastewater treatment.

IMMERSIBLE AERATOR for Environmental Technology

  • Immersible Aerator TA
  • Immersible Aerator TAK
  • Immersible Aerator TRG

PROREACT T - Environmental Systems

  • Mixing and equalization basins
  • Single-basin- and SBR-plants
  • High-performance reactors
  • Systems for aerobic sludge stabilisation

PROREACT N - Neutralization Systems

  • Systems to neutralize alkaline waste water with flue gas or CO2